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Our Pies

Handmade, in a variety of flavours

The BIG BOX of little Pies

12 delicious little pies in a variety of flavours. Ideal for parties, gifts, dinner dates and much much more.

Order your box online to collect at a market near you.

Our Pies

Have a look at what delicious pies we have for you to choose from. Available at a market near you.

Salt & Chilli Chicken

A blend of diced chicken and chillies. The level of chilli used has been praised by a top chef as being a perfect balance. It's all enveloped in a Bechamel sauce.

Chicken Curry

Diced chicken in a gentle curry sauce.  Similar in strength to chip shop curry sauce.

Peppered Steak with Black Pudding

The best of Scotch beef in the form of lean, thinly sliced steak, lightly peppered and topped with a slice of locally produced black pudding. It's not too spicy just a tasty combination of flavours.


Scottish beef in a traditional gravy.

Pulled Ham & Chicken

Pulled ham hock and chicken pieces in a veloute sauce.

Chicken & Leek

A beautifully creamy sauce with leeks adding a delicate hint of oniony sweetness.

Vegetarian Special-Peppered Mushroom

Sliced mushrooms in a bechamel sauce with cracked black pepper. 

Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken and diced mushrooms in a smooth, creamy sauce.

Macaroni & Pancetta

Mac and Cheese with chunks of pancetta.

Sausage Rolls

Our extremely popular sausage rolls are renowned for the amount of meat and the perfect balance of pastry and pork.

Steak & Ale

A traditional pie; the best of scotch beef in the form of lean, thinly sliced steak flavoured with cider and ale.


Traditional macaroni and cheese

in a pie!

Scotch Pies

The award winning traditional Scotch pie is made with short pastry and the quality of the pastry will eat like biscuit but not overly spiced. A winning blend that keeps customers coming back.

Mince & Onion

A family favourite. Minced beef with fresh diced onions in a traditional gravy.

Chicken Cheese & Broccoli

Chicken pieces, broccoli florets and cheese in a bechamel sauce.

Chicken & Chorizo

A blend of diced chicken and Spanish salami with a light touch of garlic.

Curried Cauliflower

Cauliflower florets with mixed vegetables in a gentle curry sauce.  (Vegetarian)

Haggis Chicken & Peppercorn Sauce

Chicken in a smooth peppercorn sauce finished with haggis.

Steak Port & Stilton

The best of Scotch beef in the form of lean, thinly sliced steak, lightly flavoured with port and topped with Stilton. A rich combination of flavours.



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